About us & Our Philosophy

When we need to talk about way2philippines, we adopt a philosophy that each student is unique. We believe that financial barriers should not refrain a student from opting their career as a Medical practitioner. As such, our consultancy approach towards the students will strengthen in converting their dreams to reality.

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Changing The Destiny

With a belief that one needs to follow their heart and choose the course of their choice for them to excel professionally , Way to Philippines is a company formed to “Change the Destiny” of these students by helping them pursue Medical education abroad, in an ethical and professional manner.

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Our Vision

The main motto of Way2philippines is to help students realize their dreams by giving them an opportunity to have high quality medical education and to shape their future. Our students are will become multifaceted Medical professionals who shall be capable of understanding the rapidly changing needs of the complex global economy. Our students are dynamites, They have confident and creative mindset to enlighten lives and serve billions of people after accomplishment of their degree.


Our Mission

Our aim is to serve Indian medical student prospects. We are the most trusted international educational consulting firm in India and throughout the world and shall continue to be the same.

We are instrumental in uplifting the living standards of students as well as professionals by pursuing higher educational attainment abroad through our affiliate colleges/universities worldwide.  In this process, we are making sure that we shall reach all the below targets.

  • instilling high sense of nationalism
  • developing a sustainable network with high quality academicians and professionals in the corporate and social arena
  • shaping  up our students as a complete human being through value education and training that has global focus enriched by extensive interactions


We provide incredible service to our further and ongoing student prospects

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College Admissions

Placing the right candidates in the right place is not just about the place selection but about building the future of the candidate. We provide consulting services for admitting candidates into one of the best medical colleges in Philippines.

Finance Matters

We believe that education is not a business. We guide and provide great assistance to talented students in achieving right scholarships and feasible educational Loans.

Travel & Forex Assistance

We provide international travel assistance. We also make sure that students have proper local transport facilities in Philippines. We also provide assistance for foreign currency exchange.

Accommodation & Food

As soon as the students land in Philippines, our crew and our senior student members will pick them up. Feel free that you are in safe hands and have a pleasant stay in Philippines.

Exams Assistance

MCI , USMLE & other Competitive Exams Preparation Assistance

Visa Guidance

we make sure that students have their complete focus on their studies. We provide great assistance in guiding students in processing their visa applications.

Job Placement Assistance

We provide unlimited career opportunities throughout the world. Choose the best and get placed in your dream job.

Unlimited Support

Guidance and assistance through the duration of the program. Be safe and stay protected and feel as if you are at home throughout your study period.

Our Management Crew

Mr. Srinivas Babu

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Way 2 Philippine Medical Education, Mr. Srinivas Babu is responsible for day to day operations, building business partnerships with various reputed universities and business relationship with our business associates. It is all with his efforts, 100s of doctoral students are making their dreams a reality.