Life in Philippines

Life in Philippines is as pleasant as if you are in heaven!

Student Accommodation

All medical colleges provide hostel facilities for students and are built in peaceful environments. Students will definitely feel as if they are at home during their stay in Philippines.

Work in Phlippines

Millions of expats work in the Philippines to benefit from the booming economy of the archipelago! Join them by starting your life in Philippines. You also have tons of other opportunities throughout the world after you program completion.

Communication facilities

Vibrant telecommunication network

Philippines have 2 major mobile connectivity providers (Globe and Smart), plus three to four secondary ones. It’s fairly easy to pick up a new pre-paid SIM card and start texting or calling away. Top-ups are widely available from most anywhere, usually in places with signs saying “LOAD DITO” (top-up here). “Load” is the common term for mobile connectivity credit.

Elegant International Transport

Philippines is a mighty transit zone for international transport. It have flights for every 4-6 hours to India and also have frequent flights to South India such as Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.

Social Media & Other Technological Modes

Internet & email services are widely available through most establishments, with more and more offering them for free. Free Wireless Fidelity (WIFI), in particular, is gaining popularity in commercial establishments, especially in Metro Manila and other cities. Just look for the Free WiFi sign on the door. Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp are already there to fasten the communication.

Postal Services

The country is wired with international and national direct dial phone and facsimile service. Aside from the postal system, worldwide express delivery service is available. LBC, FedEx, DHL, 2Go, are just some of the active couriers.

100s of Restaurants with Delicious Dishes

Philippines is a heaven for food. Especially for sea foods. It also welcomes Indians to get excited with a lot of homely Indian dishes that are available at many Indian restaurants in Philippines.

Elite Shopping facilities

Philippines is a giant market place for international shopping. It provides elegant shopping opportunities to obtain any product in any brand name. Furthermore, Philippines provides a second home for Indians as they could buy almost all Indian kitchen spices at 10s of Indian grocery stores.

Did you know: Majority of national dailies are in English. You’ll find foreign publications at major hotels, malls and bookstores in Metro Manila and key cities.

International Convention Centers

Philippines also consists of amazing conventional centers what are equipped to handle international conventions and events. [img source: Ramon FVelasquez]