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Philippines is now becoming a center for higher Education in the region for aspiring students from all round the world. As all the courses are thought in English, students have the opportunity to earn credits that are recognized worldwide while continuing studies in any of the 100’s of courses from dozens of subject areas.

World-wide Recognization

All universities are listed among the top medical universities in the world. All programs and courses are recognized world-wide.

Innovative Curriculum

Innovative curriculum are designed only to provide high quality education. Students always have a choice to proceed with their desired future steps after program completion.

Hands on Experience

All collages, universities, programs and courses are recognized world-wide. Students gain practical knowledge with huge number of lab exercises.

Opportunities for Global growth

100% Diverse Student Population

Philippines has become the education hub for thousands of aspiring foreign medical students from 65 countries. USA, China, Korea , Japan , Macau , Thailand and many countries are some among them.

According to Bureau of Immigration reports, foreigners studying in the Philippines has increased from 26,000 in 2013 to more than 61,000 in 2014.


Foreign Students in Numbers

The number of international students in the Philippines is increasing rapidly. According to Bureau of Immigration statistics, foreigners studying in the country are only 7700 in 2011 that has potential grown to 61,000 in the year 2014. With Korean students in the top place,  Indian students stood in the 6th place in the overall student population.

Some major foreign student population is shown country-wise on the bar graph (on the side). Other student populations such as students from Indonesia, Nepal, Thai land, Kenya, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sudan, Canada and others cover up to 24.52%


  • Indian Students 6.81%
  • American Students 7.60%
  • Korean Students 21.53%
  • Iranian Students 13.56%
  • Chinese Students 13.42%
  • South Korean Students 6.26%
  • Students From All Other Countries 30.82%

Frequently Asked Questions

(Students general questions on education in Philippines)
Why should one choose Philippines for medical education?

Philippines was a colony of USA for 50 years. During this time, Philippines has gained immense infrastructure and facilities to conduct programs in medical field. Further, the education is of high standards and is attested by the fact that Philippines is the HIGHEST Exporter of Nurses and Doctors to the USA and many other western countries. It is this history that now continues to make Philippines a unique place to study medicine.

Philippines is also cheaper in terms of tuition fee when compared to many western countries.

What is the admission criteria for MBBS in Philippines

Disregard of citizenship, any person between 18 to 60 years of age from any corner of the world can take part in a Philippines’ medical programs. For undergraduate and graduate medical programs such as MBBS, MS, MD, intermediate education up till class 12th or equivalent or HSSC with a minimum 50% Marks in Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology is necessary for eligibility into the medical programs in any Philippines university.

For more details, please contact Way2philippines management. 

Is there any local bodies who can help me in providing the overall info?

We have representatives in various cities.

Please send your query to us and we shall send it to our local representative office and they would be getting in touch with you.

What is the total duration of this course?

The total duration is 4 year 10 months for students who have been educated till class 12 with Science.

The first 10 months is a Bachelor of Science program and focuses on building foundation for a strong medical education.

The next 4 years is the core medicine and clinical rotation.

IF you already have a Bachelors Degree then the Medical Degree lasts 4 years.

Post Graduation is for 3 to 5 years and is called residency training [Similar to that of USA]

What is the total tuition fee for doing a medical program in Philippines?

The fee varies for each university, please let us know which university are you interested to join and we shall send you the details accordingly.


Can a student avail loan facility, what are the procedures?

Yes, Students can avail education loan from Banks. Contact the Bank for the procedure.

What are the benefits given to students joining through our way2philippine.in?

1. We are authorized by the University

2. We have over a decade of experience in dealing with students.

3. We have plenty of information and tips of value to students and parents for the course.

4. We provide networking with doctors in USA & UK for those wanting to go overseas for jobs


What is the medium of teaching in Philippines?

Being an American colony for 50 years English is the official language for Government, Communication in day to day living and all other affairs
All the universities have English as the medium education.
94% of the Population Speaks English.
Hence education is in English Medium.
You can also communicate with locals in English easily.