Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation College Of Medicine

In 1974, Dr. Duke acquired the Northwestern Educational Institution. From the merger emerged the name Lyceum-Northwestern. In the latter part of the year, Lyceum-Northwestern spearheaded a consortium of local tertiary schools and founded the Northern Philippines Institute of Medicine. Lyceum-Northwestern became the “first medical school of the north.” The institute began with an enrolment of 19 students. The consortium lasted only for two years. In 1976 after passing of the first president, wife Mrs.Florencia T. Duque assumed as LN’s 2nd president. This year witnessed the dissolution of the consortium and the acquisition of the medical school which was renamed as Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation College of Medicine On November 19, 2001, Lyceum-Northwestern was granted its university status.


Over the Years the Institute has educated and sculpted 100s of aspirants with the objective of making them a physicians who is educated in the methodology principles of Medicine and who has the necessary background to practice primary health care with minimum dependence on sophisticated facilities but with maximum use of his senses and skills; and to motivate him/her to go to post-graduate training in a specialty or research.


Did you Know: The College of Medicine garnered the distinction of having 100% passing percentage in the 1980 Medical Board Examination



To be the Regional Centre for Excellence in Medical Education by 2020 whose graduates are capable primary health care physicians aware of moral and spiritual values in a changing world and conscious of the obligations of the physician regarding these values in the practice of medicine.


Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation believes that it has the moral obligation to prepare its students for life by providing the intellectual training in a democratic atmosphere to become a physician with ethical values, compassionate attitude, and responsive to the needs of the country.


Did you KnowIn February, the Philippine Medical Association of Georgia, the Regional Medical Center and L-NU held what is adjudged as the biggest medical mission, which created an impact in the Pangasinan Community.




Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation (FQDMSF) , Collage of Medicine is staffed by a committed, academically and clinically–respected and experienced, most of them holding Doctorate degrees. The classes are handled by highly respected practising physicians with each of them experts in their field of specialisation. This way the students not only gain theoretical knowledge from them but also gives them an opportunity to gain clinical knowledge which their professors share by correlating theory with the clinical aspects of that they see their daily patients.



College of Medicine implements a traditional but synchronized curriculum with early clinical integration and emphasis on interactive learning process.

The four-year medical course at FQDMF College of Medicine generally progresses from the study of the normal to the abnormal human being. Most of the subjects are yearly courses which are taken up for two semesters. The curriculum focuses more than ever on New Mandates for Medical Education by introducing new teaching modalities such as case-based discussions and Small Group Discussions.



The FQDMF collage  of the medicine has the complete and modern facilities , the administrative office , lecture halls , Anatomy dissection Laboratory, Integrated Biochemistry , physiology , pathology ,  microbiology & parasitology laboratories , Animal research laboratory and the medical library fully equipped with thousands of reference books , journals and access to online journals.


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Did you Know: The FQD Medical Foundation College of Medicine was recognized as the third best medical school in the Philippines and was ranked no.5 worldwide based from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Exam Results (ECFMG) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (published in the International Herald Tribune, May 20, 1983)