Tuition Fee - La Concalasion university

Tuition Fee (La Concalasion university)In PESOIn INR (1 INR ~ 1.4 PESO)
1st year~3,00,000 PESO ~4,20,000 INR
2nd year~3,00,000 ~4,20,000
3rd year~2,00,000 ~2,80,000
4th year~1,50,000 ~2,10,000
5th year~1,50,000~2,10,000
Fee Details of doctor degree programs in La Concalasion university
Some expenses are ~approximate, please contact directly to know more.

Other expenses

YearlyProcessing/ Visa FeeInsurance Travel (local and international)Food & Miscellaneous (per month)Hostel or other accommodation
Total13800050000~8500040000 (x 12 per year)~200000
1st year90,00010,000~35,000~8000 (Per month)~40,000
2nd year12,00010,000~5000~8000 (Per month)~40,000
3rd year12,00010,000~5000~8000 (Per month)~40,000
4th year12,00010,000~5000~8000 (Per month)~40,000
5th year12,00010,000~35000~8000 (Per month)~40,000
living, shopping, travel and other miscellaneous expenses
Some expenes are ~approximate, please contact directly to know more.



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